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A warm welcome to my 'MacRobert's Reply' website this Tuesday evening.

This site tells the story of the famous MacRobert name, its association with the RAF at the beginning of the second world war, the mighty Short Stirling bomber, and how my father lived through it all to tell the tales you will read here.

At a time when this country was facing its darkest hours it called upon its young men to stand to the line. They did so in their thousands with amazing bravery at such a young age. A great number of these enlisted in the RAF, many of whom then joined Bomber Command. Some of these young men became aircrew on Stirling Bombers with a fewer number in 15 Squadron. Just a handful of these would become the crew of the famous MacRobert's Reply. They soon became friends who faced danger together in many missions. Unfortunately all but one were lost.

I have co-written a book with author Philip Hamlyn Williams telling the history of the association of the MacRobert name with the RAF, the various aircraft that have carried that famous name, and the crash of 'MacRobert's Reply' W7531 on 18 May 1942 in the Gals Klint Forest near Middelfart, Denmark in which my father was the sole survivor. You will therefore find a certain 'bias' towards my father's amazing story (which defies belief) while also remembering, with deepest respect his eight friends and comrades in the crew who failed to return. Their ultimate sacrifice will never be forgotten. 

The limited edition first run completely sold out, so the 'MacRobert's Reply' book is now only available to purchase on Amazon for just £6.99 (reduced). Please simply search for 'MacRobert's Reply' in the books section on any Amazon website. There is also a cheaper Kindle version available. The direct link to the book on Amazon UK is HERE

If you decide to purchase it I hope you enjoy owning and reading a unique book with a story to make you weep and smile, but above all a book to make you proud of the generation that fought for our freedom. I hope we never forget them.

The book was published with the assistance of Story Terrace. If you want to have your own book published please follow this link -

If you wish to contact me regarding any aspect of the history of the MacRobert's Reply aircraft, then please email me on philip(at) Also you can visit the Facebook page below and add your 'like' to the growing 'MacRobert's Reply club' to be informed of any new material added.

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