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Here are a few links to websites that have a relevance to the MacRobert's Reply story. I am always happy to add more so please use the contact page to provide details. Please click on any image to open a new page for that website.

The MacRobert's Reply Facebook page

The alternative to the main website.

More of an up to date blog and latest news section with recent pictures and information about the forthcoming book as it develops.

The MacRobert Legacy

Since Lady MacRobert made that first donation to the RAF to purchase “MacRobert’s Reply”, The MacRobert Trust has created a lasting legacy that encompasses far more than just extensive donations to charity. Since it began, The MacRobert Trust has donated millions of pounds to charitable organisations, created a variety of prizes, awards, traineeships and endowments, and paid for building works across the country.

XV Squadron

Formed as a training unit at Farnborough on 1 March 1915 and in the Great War undertook the dropping of ammunition by parachute to troops on the front line. After the War, the squadron succumbed to the inevitable disbandment. The Squadron reformed initially at Martlesham Heath in March 1924, but was reformed at Abingdon with Hawker Harts. It was shortly after this, that on the insistence of its Commanding Officer, Squadron Leader TW Elmhirst DFC, that the Squadron became known as XV Squadron.

The squadron is currently located at Lossiemouth in Scotland, and Tornado LS-F for Freddie still carries the famous MacRobert's Reply name. Up until quite recently it was flown by Colin McGregor, brother of the famous actor Ewan McGregor.

The Godmanchester Stirling

This is a Facebook site is dedicated to the crew of the Short Stirling Mk1 which crashed on the outskirts of Godmanchester in the early hours of 11th April 1942. This aircraft, captained by Squadron Leader Drummond Wilson, was one of 18 Stirling bombers which were part of a raid on the German city of Essen.

This site is dedicated to the crew of Stirling N3703, their fellow XV Squadron colleagues and the men of Bomber Command. There is a fascinating link to the MacRobert's Reply story irrespective of the fact that it was a Stirling from XV Squadron. One of the crew on the Godmanchester Stirling, Edgar Gould, was previously in Flying Officer Boggis's original crew of the MacRobert's Reply.

International Bomber Command Centre

The IBCC are the central database for RAF bomber command losses, and have now unveiled their new memorial spire outside Lincoln UK. MacRoberts Reply was mentioned in the commentary during the unveiling ceremony by Dan Snow of the BBC, and the RAF then included the current MRR Tornado to do a fly-past the spire in tribute. Their Facebook page contains some wonderful images of that event and is well worth a look. 

History has been unkind to the Stirling and as far as we are aware, not a single example survives, out of the 2383 constructed. The Stirling Aircraft Project aims to remedy this by constructing a forward fuselage section incorporating the main crew stations as a lasting tribute to the people who designed, built, flew and maintained this historic aircraft.

This is a website dedicated to the uncle of the website owner, Martin Alford, and the crew of Short Stirling MZ 261 BU-T from 214 Squadron. The uncle's name was Donald Eric Alford and he was just twenty years of age when he and the rest of the crew of Short Stirling MZ 261 BU-T from 214 Squadron were lost on the night of 23rd/24th May 1943 during a raid to Dortmund, Germany. Please visit the site to read more....