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Stirling N6086 LS-F (for Freddie)

N6086 flew it's first mission to Germany on a bombing operation. The aircraft was later damaged by flak and sent for repair. On 13th December it flew a mission to Cologne, and then another later to Bremen and on other missions mainly under its skipper Flying Officer King. Following this the N6086 was transferred to Lossiemouth in Scotland to hunt down the Tirpitz battleship in the Norwegian fjords. On one sortie due to extreme winter weather it was unable to land back at Lossiemouth and transferred instead to Peterhead.

It was here that, during take off for a return to RAF Wyton with the other Stirlings of 15 Squadron mission it slewed off the runway due to snow and crashed into a parked Spitfire. The N6086 was severely damaged but all of the crew, including my father, were able to walk away and incredibly getting a lift back to the UK in Stirling 'D' for Donald within 45 minutes of crashing 'F' for Freddie. For my father this would not be the only time he survived a crash in a MacRoberts Reply Stirling.

The picture of that crash is within the Photo Gallery above. The N6086 MacRobert's Reply never flew in combat again but it was repaired and flew as part of an Operational Training Unit (OTU). The MacRobert's Reply name was then transferred to another Stirling on 15 Squadron, W7531.

See the next page for the second MacRoberts Reply Stirling

Please visit the Facebook page below for an overview of the MacRobert's Reply story and my father's incredible story.